The Keys of Legend

Session 2: Out of the Labyrinth, Into Trouble

In which the party gets gored to death

Session two! Sorry for the lack of a session one. Portal didn't autosave properly and I lost it, so here's a quick recap:

The party, Sant, high elf rogue, Aoth, human life cleric, and Damakos, tiefling warlock, were picked along with seven other people to be part of an annual sacrifice to a massive Labyrinth on a nearby island. They were shipped there, only to be plagued with traps and their victims, risen as the undead. Eventually, they came across a clan of kobolds living in the center of the maze's first layer. The kobolds swarmed the party, and attacked them with a clockwork war machine when that failed. The party then accidently stumbled upon the kobold's workshop in the center of the maze's first floor, where they were swiftly captured.

We pick up with the party, as well as the surviving sacrifices, trapped in the kobold's jail. It' a medium-sized room, the entrance barred and padlocked. The party was disarmed of their weapons, but not anything else. Sant and Aoth quickly began worked to cut themselves free with the contents of Sant's burglars' pack, at which they failed miserably. Failing that, Sant pulled a bell out of his bag and began ringing it. The kobold's boss walked in, took the bell away, threw Sant in a stock, and left. Damakos chatted with their guards, a pair of kobolds, but learned nothing useful.

The kobold's boss, an urd with a decanter of endless water, entered the cell to interrogate the party. She hadn't quite believed the party when they told her their story, and came back to try again. After a bit of negotiating, they made a deal. Something was killing kobolds in the second layer of the maze, and she wanted the party to go kill it in exchange for their freedom. Whatever it was. They agreed to this, and were led by a few kobolds into the center of the second floor.

The center room of the second floor was a large, well-lit, sandy room. Despite being well-lit, visibility was bad: the room was stuffed with wooden struts holding up loose parts of the ceiling. The party's kobold escort led them into the room and prodded them into they went inside, and then left. A grunting and shuffling noise was coming from somewhere among the struts. An experimentory crossbow bolt from Aoth attracted the noise's source: a minotaur, massive battleax in tow.

The battle was short, but bloody. Sant hid among the struts immediately, while Damakos readied their witch bolt spell. The minotaur charged within range, crashing through any struts in it's way, and the party struck. Aoth missed his mace attack, but Damakos trained their witch bolt on the minotaur, and Sant dealt a sneak attack with his rapier that massively injured it. But then, things turned south. Sant was thrown across the room and knocked unconscious by the minotaur's ax, and Aoth only managed to get in a single swing of the mace before going down as well. But the minotaur was badly injured as well. Sant and Aoth had dealt huge blows to it, and Damakos' lightning bolt hadn't left it's mark the whole time. The minotaur turned to Damakos and charged, but the warlock was able to deal the killing blow before being gored to death.

Damakos stabilized their companions and then searched the minotaur. On it, they found one small golden key, and another larger key made of some light silvery metal, with a bull's head on the end. Both, they pocketed. The kobolds, not hearing any noise for a while, came back. They were immediately grateful for the death of the creature killing their people. They helped reawaken Aoth and Sant, and took them back to the kobold boss, who guided them back to the maze's entrance, which was opened with the small golden key.

The party exited the maze to find the ship that had taken them there, still docked. It had been ordered to wait a week, in case anything dramatic happened, and then sail back to Wolfhall. The soldiers on the ship quickly gathered up the party and the other sacrifices, and set sail for home.

On the ship, Sant was approached by one of the commoner sacrifices, a blond human youth, who introduced himself as Lysander Albano. He was impressed by the party's heroism in the maze and wanted to hire their services. His lover, a woman named Eliza Faradolvi, was forced into an arranged marriage by her father to Lysander's rival, Dimitri Moldor. Lysander hoped to elope with Eliza to the home of his aunt, a wealthy recluse living in the forest outside of Wolfhall. The party was being hired to sneak Eliza out of her home and escort them to Lysander's aunt. He assured Sant that his aunt would pay the party gold for their services. After a bit of negotiating over price, Sant agreed on a deal, and they decided to meet the night after next.

The soldiers on the ship escorted the party to the king of Wolfhall as soon as their ship landed. The king was a massive balding human, who kept a dinner table and several meals in front of his throne. The party explained their story to him, and presented the key with the bull's head on it as proof. The king was shocked by the sight of the key, but for no obvious reason. He asked to inspect the key, which Damakos reluctantly allowed him to behind his throne. The king emerged from behind there looking shaken. He returned the party, and had then sent their separate ways.

Aoth chose to go back to his rooms in the basement of a local temple. He lived comfortably there, and was close to his god. Damakos didn't have a home. Instead, he roamed the woods, hunting food, dodging the local elven clans, and sleeping under the stars. Sant retreated to the Red Light district of Wolfhall, renowned for it's shadiness and cult activity. There he ran a gambling hall and night club with his associate, a streetwise high elf named Byron Amikiir. The club had ailed in his absence: the Thieves' Guild had been taking a large cut of their profits recently.

And so, they waited for their meeting with Lysander.


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