The Keys of Legend

Session 3: A Midsummer's Night War (Part 2)

In which Damakos does their own thing

Aoth leaned over the broken corpse. The elf's death had been quick. That offered some solace, at the least. He raised his holy symbol, in the shape of a golden bow-and-arrow. Under his breath, Aoth chanted. He racked his mind to recall the most basic of elven last rights, and was pleased with how he preformed. "Hey, Aoth!" Aoth looked around. Sant was poking around the corpses of their enemies. He grinned, and held up a gold piece. He had already pocketed a pair of the cultist's scimitars. "There's more where this came from."

The second half of the party's antics in session three. Where we last left off, the party had come out of a fight between a group of fey creatures and a squad of masked men, hunting the bull-headed key Damakos had found in the Labyrinth. Fortunately, the party and their impromptu allies found the fey more then enough to win the fight unscathed.

The party continued on through the woods. Damakos and Lysander led the group. Dragged along behind them was the remaining masked man, bound with rope and led by the warlock. Sant, Aoth, and Eliza all trailed at the back of the party. But Eliza stopped the group.

"Wait! Is that… dogs?"

Sant stopped to listen as well. Elven ears were good: he could hear the barking of the dogs behind them. Damakos stepped forwards.

"I can take them. Leave 'em to me."

Sant nodded. He made sure that Damakos refreshed their magically lit lantern, and told the group to run. Damakos and the masked man, still bound and on a leash, were left alone in the rain.

After a moment, three men ran up. One was a youth, hooded and wielding a bow. From what Aoth had said, this was Dimitri, the man Eliza had been betrothed to. With him was one of the plantation guards, gripping a spear and a torch, and a man in hide armor, holding on a pair of chains two massive dogs. Dimitri stepped forwards and drew his bow, pointing it at Damakos.

"Halt, foul demon! It was you that burned down the plantation, correct? You killed my lover! I am honor-bound to avenge my Eliza!"

Damakos simply smiled. They waved their hands. The guard's torch flickered, suddenly flared and swirled, and then went out. The dark night fell around them. The humans and their dogs could not see in the dark, but a tiefling like Damakos could see easily enough. And the dogs could still smell. They quickly caught Damakos' scent, and charged, only to trip over each other and fall prone. Damakos knelt, and began to speak to the dogs.

"Why are you attacking me?"

"Master told us to! Master has food!"

"But I have food to! If you go distract master, I'll give you some tasty meat!"

Barking their loudest about the prospect of food, the two dogs ran to a nearby tree and began to bark furiously at it. Dimitri and his companions, equally excited about killing themselves a demon, began to follow the dog's barks and slashed at the tree. Damakos quickly made use of their curse, forcing smoky ribbons of magic down the throat of Dimitri. Then, Damakos pulled out their crossbow and set about peppering the humans with bolts. They only scored a few hits, but it was more than enough for the choking and blinded Dimitri, crying for his group's retreat, he ran, his guards close behind him. Damakos threw the dogs a piece of steak and left in a cheerful mood, masked man towed along behind them.

After catching up, Damakos informed the party of his adventures and the group treked onwards. They had been walking for a while, though. Lysander and Eliza were both tiring, and the party was running out of spells. Something new was up ahead, however. Before them was a large clearing, and in the center of it a willow tree taller then any they had seen before. This was odd. Lysander had been on this path to his aunt's house only a month before, and this hadn't been there. Even more suspicious, movement could be seen at the base of the tree.

For some reason, the masked man Damakos still had captive volunteered to investigate. Worried that he would escape, the man's lead was passed to Aoth, who also volunteered. Aoth quickly found the reason for the masked man's eagerness. The man with the ferret was resting among the root of the willow, bandaging his wounds. He quickly pulled out his holy symbol, readied a spell, and ordered Aoth to cut the masked man free. Fortunately, the others were already yelling for Aoth to check in, so Aoth refused. The man with the ferret attempted to command Aoth to cut the man free, but it was too late. Sant and Damakos were already on their way, and battle began.

As soon as the fight began, the masked man tried to escape. Damakos' first action was to grab the man's leash, but in an amazing burst of strength, he pulled on the rope to knock over the warlock, then tore the ropes from his arms. Having no weapons, he ran up to Damakos and punched them in the face. He was, of course, quickly shot and tied up again.

Sant and Aoth, however, had some more trouble. The man with the ferret put up a fight, casting spells and dodging their attacks. He attempted to command Sant to murder Aoth, but Sant was able to resist. Soon enough, the man was knocked unconscious by the hilt of Sant's sword. Damakos bound the man, ferret removed and trapped in a cage, to the masked man and gagged the both of them.

And so, the party was left alone.


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