The PC's inside man in the Ares Initiative


Baphomet, real name unknown, is a young high elf. His hair is short, dyed blue, and shaved in an odd, wavy pattern. Usually, Baphomet is dressed in the dark robes and mask of his order: the Ares Initiative. But in friendly company, he wears common clothing heavily decorated with embroidering. He is often seen fooling with simple magic.

Personality-wise, Baphomet isn’t one to stick with a thought. He thinks slowly, turning over schemes and plans in his mind to the point of being scatter-brained. Baphomet looks out for himself and can be unreliable, easily switching sides or running in a fight at the drop of a hat if he sees a worthy opportunity.


Baphomet was once a common thug for the Ares Initiative, working for gold and not much else. His unreliable tendencies kept him in lower ranks. Baphomet quickly grew displeased with his occupation, and when given the chance joined up with the party, acting as a double agent within the ranks of the Ares Initiative.


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