The Priestess

The head priestess of the largest temple in Draug Town


The Priestess, real name unknown, is a tall, striking women. Her long blonde hair is accented with streaks of silver showing her age. High cheekbones and bright blue eyes give her a severe look. Despite being a human in her sixties, The Priestess is in great physical shape, usually seen in full plate armor and carrying an enormous mace. The strict-looking and even intimidating exterior of the Priestess hides a quiet voice and quick mind, constantly searching everything it meets.


The Priestess has long been the high priestess of the Temple of Aithousa, the largest temple in Draug Town. There, she holes up in her massive study. Here, she collects a library of books, with subjects ranging from the druidic to the divine to the occult to the martial. She also trains with a large variety of weapons, in preparation for a potentially imagined invasion of the earthly forces of Hades.

The Priestess

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