Hosomi no Otoko

A tall, otherwordly alien of a man.


Hosomi no Otoko is humanoid in shape, but that is where it’s similarities to mortals end. It is not obviously male or female, as it has no genitals. It’s pale, pasty white skin remains naked at all times. Hosomi no Otoko is very tall, although it’s exact height seems to fluctuate from encounter to encounter, usually ranging between eight and sixteen feet tall. It is also described as being incredibly skinny, with exposed ribs and long, dangling limbs. The creature has no facial features besides a pair of massive yellow eyes, hidden by the blinding glow that shines from them.

Beyond that, the exact features of Hosomi no Otoko vary from sighting to sighting. Some claim that it has massive talons on the end of it’s lanky arms, while others give it more human limbs. Many describe it with a large, jagged mouth, glowing with blinding light like it’s eyes.

Contrary to the usual image of evil creatures, Hosomi no Otoko casts spells of radiance and light rather than darkness. It seems to enjoy blinding and burning it’s foes before it rips them apart. Psychic magic is also seemingly a favorite. Many mortals have described hearing sibilant, hypnotic whispers coming from Hosomi no Otoko, commanding it to act against their best wishes.

Hosomi no Otoko is not known to speak, or communicate in any known way, but somehow it’s still able to command it’s subjects. It isn’t often seen walking, either, instead teleporting.


The origins of Hosomi no Otoko are almost wholly left to folklore. Many cultures claim it is a type of shinigami, an aberration that takes people to it’s own realm seemingly at random. Others say it is the demonic servant of death itself.

The purpose and/or motive of Hosomi no Otoko is also unknown. As mentioned before, it often kidnaps people with seemingly random selection. Occasionally, and oddly enough, it seems to answer to summons from mortals, killing in a mercenary fashion, even if it usually murders dozens other on it’s way.

Hosomi no Otoko

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