Draug Town

Draug Town is a small port city-state located on the West coast of Olympia on a small isthmus. Being protected on three sides by sea, the city only has a single wall on the East side of the city. Immediately outside the city is the Ulv Forest, a massive woods that is theorized to be unending.

The city is divided into four districts, each split off from each other by small walls.

The Wall District

The Wall District is located just behind its namesake, the wall cutting the isthmus off from the mainland. For the most part, it's landlocked, and no access to ports means that it's almost exclusively a residential district.

The Wolf District

Officially known as the Castle District, the Aithousa family gives this district it's name. It is completely landlocked and the city central. Because of this, more important buildings are based here. Among them are the houses of nobles, powerful temples, the one bank in Draug Town, and the city barracks. 

The Red Light District

The Red Light District has long been known for its dark past. It was once a merchant's district of sorts, where huge markets would gather. These days are past, however, due to activity by the Ares Initiative. This cult turned the marketplaces upside-down looking for an artifact that was supposedly somewhere within the market. The city was in turmoil with cult activity and the district was the epicenter. After the anarchy, later known simply as the Riots, died down, the district became renamed for the fires and witchery that the Riots were known for.

Nowadays, the district is only a few steps above a slum. It has quite a lively gambling industry, but it nonetheless poor. As such, the district is home to the majority of high elves in Draug Town, as they tend to be poorer due to their status as recent immigrants. Every once and a while, a tiefling is born in the Red Light District. Some believe that the district is cursed by it's past, while others spread rumors that succubi and cambions roam the night. Whatever the cause, these devil children are almost always abandoned or given to a local orphanage.

The Red Light District is home to Sant, and his nightclub, The Devil's Fortune.

The Port District

Once a slum, the Port District more or less swapped positions with the Red Light District after the Riots. In the early days of the Riots, entire industries and businesses en masse to the Port District, where land was cheap and unemployed workers plentiful among the homeless population.

Draug Town

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